ANTI-MONARCHY campaigners have said the King's "mini-coronation" is the Crown laying a claim on Scotland that should be opposed.

Graham Smith, the leader of the campaign group Republic, issued a call to those opposed to the monarchy to protest the King as he arrived in Scotland on Monday. 

The King is north of the Border for a number of engagements – his first in Scotland since the coronation – which will include Charles being presented with a taxpayer-funded £22,000 ceremonial sword.

Smith said: “The monarchy is a pillar of our second-rate constitution, and it’s wrong in principle – quite clearly we’re democrats, most people in this country believe in democracy and equality.

“It stands against that and forces us to compromise those principles. As an institution it is corrupt, it abuses public money, public office, demands secrecy.

“It centralises an awful lot of power in the hand of government, in Westminster through the crown. So, whichever way you cut it it is not an institution that is fit for purpose in the 21st century.”

Asked why the group decided to use the Scottish event to protest, he said: “Scotland is a core battleground if you like, for driving down support for the monarchy. It is already a lot lower here than it is elsewhere, and we think that we can get the Scottish people behind us.

“The ‘main’ coronation was in London of course, and they came up for a smaller event the ‘mini’ coronation in Scotland. It is really about Charles coming up here and claiming Scotland as his, he just wants to remind people he’s the King of Scotland too. That should be challenged and opposed.”

Scottish campaign group Our Republic and Republic UK are teaming up to stage two protests against the royal event.

Our Republic said it will hold a rally at the Scottish Parliament from 1pm on July 5.

And Republic UK will hold a protest targeting the route of the procession to St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh.

What is Republic?

Republic campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement with an elected head of state.

The group, which claims to have the support of more than 80,000 republicans, was founded in 1983 as a group with only a handful of members.

Republic was officially incorporated as a campaign group in 2006.

They have been responsible for the nationwide campaign “Not My King”. Placards bearing the motto were detained by the Met Police in London before the coronation earlier this year, sparking outrage.

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Last week it emerged the King will receive a specially-made ceremonial sword at the event which will cost the taxpayer around £22,000.

The Elizabeth Sword is to fill the gap left by the Sword of State, otherwise known as the Papal sword, which has not been used at public events in recent years due to its deteriorating condition.