Police Scotland has urged Apple users to update their iPhones and iPads after a "critical security flaw" was recently discovered.

Since the finding of this issue, urgent updates have been released by Apple for millions of users.

If you receive this update, you should download it urgently and ensure any Apple device is using the iOS 16.5.1 version.

This iPhone warning was issued by the police with the National Cyber Security Centre providing some advice to users.

Police Scotland said in a statement: "Apple has issued an urgent update for millions of users after two critical security flaws were discovered on iOS 16 operating software which apparently exposes users' photos and audio recordings to hackers."

The Police identified one exploit which uses malicious attachments sent via iMessenger, allowing hackers to gain access to photos, audio recordings and geo-location.

The police added: "The bug has been described as a form of spyware and is effectively hidden as it quietly transmits the data without the users' knowledge.

National Cyber Security Centre says updating devices best way improve security

The NCSC said that updating devices is the best way to protect oneself from hackers, saying: "You should apply updates to your apps and your device's software as soon as they are available. Updates include protection from viruses and other kinds of malware, and will often include improvements and new features.

"If you receive a prompt to update your device (or apps), don’t ignore it. Applying these updates is one of the most important (and quickest) things you can do to keep yourself safe online."