FIRST Minister Humza Yousaf "set out his stall" to SNP members at the party's independence convention at the weekend.

In a speech well received by those in the room, Yousaf said that at the next General Election the party's manifesto will state on the first line that a vote for the SNP is "a vote for Scottish independence".

With Plan A still a legally binding referendum - will the push to take a General Election win by the SNP as a mandate to begin independence negotiations win the backing of members?

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A special episode of Holyrood Weekly, The National's podcast, takes listeners behind the scenes and through the key parts of the FM's speech.

The National: How did SNP member react to the FM's speech?How did SNP member react to the FM's speech? (Image: PA)

We spoke to a number of MSPs and MPs throughout the day, as well as the FM's new spokesperson Kevin Pringle in the media room after the speech. We take you into the huddle with Humza Yousaf and print journalists, where we probed for more information.

Later grassroots reporter Laura Pollock joins host Abbi Garton-Crosbie for the first time to talk through how SNP members reacted to the speech inside Caird Hall and across the country. 

The bonus episode of Holyrood Weekly is available to listen now on The National's website below, the Omny streaming platform, and Spotify.