GLASGOW is hosting a Nato military exercise after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced a change from the usual venue.

The annual maritime exercise, which this year is called Alba Breeze, is traditionally hosted by the US Sixth Fleet and the Ukrainian Navy in the Black Sea.

However, Turkey has closed much of its sea territory to all warships in the wake of the Russia’s invasion - meaning that the exercise has now been relocated to Glasgow.

It is hoped the exercise, which begins today, will strengthen the Ukrainian Navy’s ability after acquiring two former Royal Navy vessels.

The UNS Cherkasy and UNS Chernihiv were previously minesweepers used by the Royal Navy.

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Exercise Alba Breeze will be their first multinational trial since being acquired by the Ukrainians.

The so-called Sea Breeze exercises have included Nato participation since 1997 and involve trials testing multiple warfare areas including amphibious warfare, diving operations, search and rescue exercises and anti-submarine warfare.

The commander of the US Sixth Fleet, Vice Admiral Thomas Ishee, said: “I am proud to be in Glasgow today at the opening ceremony of the 22nd iteration of Exercise Sea Breeze, our annual, multinational, Black Sea-focused exercise designed to enhance interoperability and the combined capabilities of participating nations.”

It comes after the Outer Hebrides hosted a Nato exercise involving more than 4000 personnel last month.