SNP members have had a chance to catch up on all the news and analysis from Saturday’s Independence Convention – so what did they think of the event and the plans announced at it?

At the Caird Hall in Dundee, First Minister Humza Yousaf took to the stage to set out his proposals for securing Scotland’s independence. The plans are set to be voted on by the membership at the party’s October conference.

The SNP leader pledged that the Yes cause would be front and centre of the next General Election campaign – proposing that if the SNP win the most seats, they’ll seek negotiations with the UK Government on how to give “democratic effect” to securing independence.

In the event of a win, the party will also produce a draft legal text on the necessary transfer of powers from Westminster to Holyrood to “prepare for independence”, including details on how assets would be divided between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The National: First Minister Humza Yousaf speaking at the SNP independence convention (Jane Barlow/PA)

Scotland would also send a special envoy to Brussels to pave the way for a return to the EU and begin drafting a new “interim” constitution, Yousaf confirmed.

However, Yousaf has since reiterated that his preferred route to independence is through a referendum – something which requires explicit consent from the UK Government, the Supreme Court ruled last year.

“It's worth reminding people that, of course, our preferred option, the option for which we have multiple mandates for is, of course, for that legally binding referendum and that has been denied time and time again by the UK Government,” the First Minister told Sky News on Sunday.

Elsewhere at the convention on Saturday there were speeches from Independence Minister Jamie Hepburn and SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, while tributes were paid to Winnie Ewing who died last week aged 93.

Members were also given the opportunity to have their say throughout the afternoon.

We asked our readers what they thought of the event, and Yousaf’s new independence strategy. These were the responses we received through the dedicated form - but we would love to hear more views from across the independence movement, so feel free to add your voice via the box at the end of the article.

Morven Easton, Eastwood

"Until Humza specifically and unambiguously endorses the de facto referendum, where a vote for any independence supporting party is a vote for independence and a vote to start liaising immediately to start the decoupling process, I find it difficult to support the apparent current strategy.

"The SNP cannot do this alone in my honest opinion.

"I listened to much of the convention live online. Much of it was inspirational but the SNP must work with all Yessers and especially other pro-independence parties."

John Miller

"I haven't heard the speeches as yet, but as I understand it the FM is proposing that if the SNP win the majority of the seats at the next GE, based on a manifesto that clearly states a vote for the SNP is a vote for independence, then they will open negotiations with the UK Gov for independence.

"It has the virtue of simplicity. It is also the method by which almost every Commonwealth country that has become independent from the UK over the last 50 to 60 years achieved its independence.

"Any failure by the UK Govt to engage in serious negotiations after the SNP win the necessary seats, will be a declaration to the world that they continue to believe that they have all the rights of a colonial power over a subjugated country.

"Remember that all these Commonwealth countries that chose to become independent rather than remain subject to the UK Government are now members of the United Nations in their own right.

"They have the UN votes that could aid Scotland on its journey to independence. Clearly, the Scottish Govt recognises this, hence their pursuit of international relations to the undoubted fury of the UK Govt who are desperately trying to block it."

The National:

Stephen Tingle

"Good start to move away from simple referendum denied by anti-democrats. What is not said is as important.

"It's clear the FM wants all Yes supporters to give vote to SNP for GE to max both numbers and power in Westminster.

"Will the young who are keen on the Greens, shift their vote to the SNP to generate a Westminster problem?

"Will the young be prepared to vote at Holyrood 1 and 2 for SNP/Green for Holyrood 2026?

"Will the undecided then decide independence is worth voting for?"

Alison Hall, Blairgowrie

"I attended the wonderful Independence Convention in the Sunny Yes City of Dundee.

"There were too many brilliant contributions to do justice to them all but my highlights were Humza's perfectly pitched speech, the many moving tributes to Winnie Ewing, the ever-inspiring Tommy Sheppard's rousing speech and 14-year-old Louise's plea for more politics education for young people.

"All of which scored standing ovations. While the watchwords were - still - 'legal' and 'democratic', there were indications of forward momentum.

"Thoughtful contributions from outside the party - Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Paul Kavanagh and Lesley Riddoch - were refreshing and welcomed.

"And Humza encouraged the party to support the Believe In Scotland march on September 2. There is more action, more energy and more urgency in the air. Nicola was a world-class leader but we have now entered the Humza era. Onward to independence."

The National: Humza Yousaf gave a 'rousing' speech to the SNP membership

Alan Petrie, Peterhead

"Aberdeen Independence Movement has been calling for the 2024 election to be a Scottish independence election. The referendum route is maybe the gold standard but it's dead, so we must put the vote to the people another way.

"I've heard some calls for some long game due to the risks, but the risks of doing nothing far outweigh the benefits. The SNP is the party of independence or it's nothing, it is not the referendum party.

"The convention was an inspiring event that has us ready to rank up the campaign and take the positive case for Scotland to everyone."

Audrey MacEachen, Oban

"I think that Humza has been very clever in asking the Westminster government to prove that the four nations of the UK are in a voluntary Union.  

"I think that at the next General Election there should be one movement entitled 'Independence' and that the SNP, Greens, Alba, and any other parties supporting independence should be branches of that movement.  

"We have to all pull together to make this work. I have been a supporter of independence since 1968 and I always believed that the SNP would split up after independence, but we cannot let that happen until after independence."

Luke Buchan, Banffshire and Buchan Coast

"I think Humza's plan of an independence election next year is brilliant. The right for Scotland to have a referendum has been denied by Westminster and that answer will not change for years to come. We don't achieve anything by asking over and over again, the independence election is our next best option and it will work. 

"We need independence now for my future, our families' future and to help those affected by the cost-of-living crisis as well as other Tory policies. 

"What is important to remember is when it comes to when we have another independence vote, it's easy to sit on your hands and wait when you're middle class but we need independence now."

Logan Collins, Lochgilphead

"It's another form of approach, but while I am fully supportive of the continued push for independence, I don't see anything strong enough to twist the arm of Westminster.

"Unless we do a lot more to convince the Scottish people that Scotland would be enhanced if under our own rule, then the dreams will be only dreams and a long way from reality. We are a proud people, let's push harder to be a proud nation."

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The National: Participants take part in the 'Exit Brexit' march for Scottish independence in Glasgow, Scotland..

Mike Westwater, Tweeddale

"Generally excellent and inspiring speeches by FM, MSPs, and MPs. Also useful input from guest speakers.

"Thanks so much to The National for making this available online. Saor Alba."

Graeme Mackenzie, Dundee

"Waste of time. No clear strategy. No explanation of economics etc."

John Pearson, Broughty Ferry

"The Westminster government will never recognise any election result as a mandate for separation. So we have to force their hand with extremely specific wording in the manifestos of all independence supporting parties, stating that the vote confirms that the person voting considers Scots to be a separate citizenship from UK and consents to grant powers to the Scottish Parliament on issues related to constitutional matters.

"This will give the democratic mandate to the Scottish Parliament to legislate for a referendum to be held. The SNP have not yet been specific enough about this but I am hoping they will. The SNP need to stop using the constitutional issue as a tool for obtaining votes and work together with all indy supporting candidates to get over 50% of the votes."