SNP MEMBERS have been told not to "wait for permission” to organise their own regional assemblies – with planning already underway in the South of Scotland.

The assemblies, touted by Humza Yousaf during leadership campaign, are designed so SNP members can influence the direction of the journey to independence.

During a speech on the party's summer campaign, Keith Brown told delegates in Dundee that the promised assemblies are the place to discuss the route forward - and members should begin organising them.

He revealed an assembly has already been organised by South of Scotland members for August 26.

The depute leader said party HQ is on hand to assist members in organising the events.

Speaking in Caird Hall on Saturday, Yousaf pledged that independence would be front and centre of the election campaign and set out his proposal. This is expected to be discussed at the assemblies.

Brown said: “After today’s convention, we all have the opportunity to discuss the way forward to independence at regional assemblies, to be organised within our regions, with HQ assistance. Don’t wait for permission.

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“Be like the South of Scotland, whose assembly will take place on 26 August.”

Brown also reiterated the party’s upcoming days of action on the first Saturday of every month, urging members to again organise their own local days.

Yousaf has proposed that the party should present a manifesto for independence at the next election, and if the SNP win, seek negotiations with the UK Government on how to give “democratic effect” to securing independence.

The proposals put the ball in the UK Government's court, with Yousaf challenging Westminster to "prove" that the Union is voluntary.

In the event of an SNP win in 2024, he said the party would put together a detailed document, titled “Withdrawal from Westminster – A New Partnership Agreement”.

This would include a draft legal text on the transfer of powers from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament “necessary to prepare for independence”.

It would set out how assets would be divided between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

At this stage, Yousaf says the Government would also conduct a “nationwide, open, and inclusive consultation on a draft interim constitution, the founding document of our newly independent state”.