HUMZA Yousaf is set to tell SNP party members in Dundee that Westminster’s cost of living crisis is evidence that Scotland urgently needs “transformational change” through independence.

Speaking to members at the party’s special Independence Convention, which will be the first time SNP members have gathered in person since Yousaf became the party’s leader, the First Minister is expected to blast the “failed” economic system being propped up by Westminster.

“We all know Scotland faces many challenges, and we know that we live in an uncertain world,” he will attendees in Dundee.

“But as Scotland’s national party, it is our duty - in these tough times - to give people hope and imagine a better future with the endless opportunities that independence gives us.

“We must inspire people – and make it abundantly clear: the failed Westminster economic model, that is causing such misery, is not as good as it gets.

“The whole point of independence is to make transformational change by taking power into our own hands. And that’s what you get with independence.

“You get the powers to build an economy that puts the health and the happiness of its citizens at its heart - not an economy based on failed trickle-down economics taking us all on a downward spiral.”

He will add that Scotland’s place in Europe should also be considered as a benefit to the independence cause.

“You get to be inside the EU and the world’s biggest single market - not being dragged out of Europe against our will.

“You get the powers to create a written constitution. A constitution that guarantees we are a country which respects the rights of every citizen - not a country where populist politicians strip people of their rights on a whim.

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“A country which opens its heart and offers sanctuary to those fleeing conflict - not one which bundles them onto planes to Rwanda.

“Independence is about having and using the powers to build a better country. A better Scotland is possible.”

Following the address, Yousaf’s former leadership rival Kate Forbes will chair a discussion on independence entitled “Why no Scotland?”.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Lesley Riddoch and Paul Kavanagh – all of whom contribute to The National – will be the panel to discuss the most effective route to gaining Scottish independence.