WINNIE Ewing, the legendary Scottish independence campaigner who served in three parliaments, has passed away aged 93.

Her family confirmed the sad news on Thursday, saying she was “generally considered the most important Scottish politician of her generation”.

Tributes to Ewing – known affectionately as Madame Ecosse – have poured in from across the political spectrum, led by other prominent independence figures including Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond.

Here, The National takes a look back at Ewing’s inspiring life through pictures.

Perhaps the most iconic photos of Winnie Ewing come from around the 1967 Hamilton by-election. Her victory in the vote led to a surge in support for and interest in the SNP.

"Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on," she famously said after her victory.

The National: Winnie Ewing has died after years of dedication to Scottish independence

The National:

The National: Winnie Ewing

The National: Winnie Ewing has died aged 93 after years of achievement in the Scottish independence movement

The National:

Above, Ewing is photographed with a young Fergus.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry shared another photo of Ewing from that time as she paid tribute to the late legend. 

Ewing lost her Hamilton seat in 1970, but she wouldn't be away from Westminster for long.

In 1974, the year of two General Elections, Ewing was elected to parliament again, this time to represent Moray and Nairn at Westminster. She won both in the February and October elections.

The second vote, in October, saw ten other SNP MPs elected. Below, Ewing is pictured with them all.

The National:

From left, the image shows: Andrew Welsh, Douglas Henderson, Ian McCormick, Hamish Watt, Ewing, Donald Stewart, Gordon Wilson, Margaret Bain, George Reid, George Thompson, and Douglas Crawford.

Ewing would leave Westminster in 1979, but was elected to represent the Highlands and Islands in the European Parliament the same year. She served there until 1999.

In 2005, she was photographed with an old campaign bag from her time as an MEP.

The National:

After Ewing passed, Rhun ap Iorwerth, the leader of the pro-independence Welsh party Plaid Cymru, shared a photo of her alongside a titan of his party: Gwynfor Evans.

Evans was Plaid Cymru’s first ever MP, winning a seat at the 1966 Carmarthen by-election. One year later, Ewing would mark her famous 1967 Hamilton victory.

The photo from Iorwerth of the two pioneers was taken in June 1997.

The following month, the Scottish Parliament was officially reopened. Ewing was in attendance at the parade marking the historic event, where she was photographed with another Scottish legend, Sean Connery.

The National:

She had already been sworn in as an MSP by this point, becoming the oldest member of a reconvened Scottish Parliament.

The National:

It was the third parliament in which Ewing would serve. As its oldest member, the duty of presiding over its first session fell to her.

"The Scottish Parliament, adjourned on the 25th day of March in the year 1707, is hereby reconvened," she said.

A portrait of Ewing, which was commissioned by her husband Stewart after her famous 1967 win, now hangs on the walls at Holyrood

The National:

The plaque by the portrait says that the artist, David A Donaldson, had asked her to wear dark clothing for the sitting. It also notes that her brooch is said to hold a piece of the Stone of Destiny.

In 2009, Ewing was present at the portrait's unveiling.

The National:

Ewing would step back from frontline politics in 2003, although she would remain on as SNP president until 2005. Below, she is shown giving a speech to the party's conference in 2003.

The National:

In the years after, the SNP came to power in Holyrood. Ewing celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of the SNP alongside MSP Bruce Crawford and party member Wilma Murray in 2009.

The National:

As the SNP's time in power went on, Ewing was frequently photographed with the party's top brass.

The National:

The National: Nicola Sturgeon with the late Winnie Ewing

In June 2023, just weeks before news of Ewing's death was announced to the world, her daughter Annabelle shared a picture with three generations of the family.

"The inspiration started so long ago and massively incudes my mum, Winnie. The cause of independence is in my DNA," Annabelle wrote.

After Ewing's passing, the flags at Holyrood flew at half mast in mourning. 

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