FORMER prime minister Liz Truss has said that an experiment to discover if a lettuce could last longer than her time in office was “puerile”.

The Daily Star’s lettuce became a viral sensation during Truss’s short time in office as she resigned after just six weeks as PM.

It meant that the vegetable won the battle between the two as Truss stepped down after the UK economy crashed due to a disastrous mini-Budget.

Many across the UK are still feeling the effects of her economic policies even though they were reversed in a matter of weeks.

Speaking at a News XChange journalism conference in Dublin, Truss was asked if she could see the funny side of the Star’s “Lizzy Lettuce” campaign.

She replied: “I don’t think it’s funny, I just think it’s puerile.”

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Truss also criticised the press and the manner in which it reported on politics, saying it was “a bit playground when there are really serious issues going on”.

“I think that the British media are known throughout the world for being particularly vociferous and I don’t think they are particularly deferential to politicians.

“It’s frustrating because I came into politics because I wanted to change the country. I want to push particular ideas, and it is frustrating when you get diverted onto a discussion of what hat you’re wearing, or whether you like photographs, all this other stuff, rather than one of the crucial issues that are affecting Britain, Europe, Ireland and the US.”

She added: “I do think sometimes politics is treated as a branch of the entertainment industry. Who’s up, who’s down, who says what about who – it’s a bit playground when there are really serious issues going on.”