NICOLA Sturgeon has given a public statement for the first time since she was arrested and questioned as part of a police probe into SNP finances.

The former first minister spoke outside her home in Uddingston on Sunday, where press had been told to gather for a statement at around 1pm.

In a brief appearance before the cameras, Sturgeon insisted that she was innocent of any wrongdoing, and dodged questions on whether she should be suspended from the SNP.

She further said she would be in Holyrood in the coming days, when she would answer more questions.

After wishing people a happy father’s day, the former SNP leader said: “You know I can’t say very much just now. What I will say is reiterate the statement I made last Sunday.

“I am certain that I have done nothing wrong. I intend to be back in parliament in the early part of the week. I’ll make myself available for questions then, obviously within the constraints that I am referring to right now.”

The former first minister said she intended to spend the day at home and "catch up with some family", before going on: "I know I'm a public figure, I accept what comes with that.

"But I'm obviously also a human being that's entitled to a bit of privacy, and my neighbours are also entitled to a bit of privacy as well."

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Asked if she had considered stepping back from the SNP, Sturgeon said: "Look, I've done nothing wrong, and that is the only thing I am going to assert today."

Asked if there had been conditions placed on her arrest, she said there had not.

And asked if "Nicola Sturgeon would have suspended Nicola Sturgeon", she said: "Look, I've done nothing wrong. It's for others to comment as they see fit, but that's my position and I'm entitled to take it."

After the third question, the brief media statement ended.

Reports in Sunday's papers suggested that the SNP police probe was to look into whether the party accepted donations from a relative of a party MP which were not properly declared.

Police Scotland was sent a letter by an anonymous whistleblower raising the allegations, according to the Scottish Daily Mail, and the claims are being assessed by officers.

And The Sunday Mail reported that the £110,000 campervan that was seized as part of the probe into the SNP's finances was paid for in cash.

Police are looking into how around £600,000 raised by the party to fight a second referendum was used.

Sturgeon was released without charge on June 11 after being questioned by police as part of "Operation Branchform".

In a statement released on social media afterwards, the former SNP leader insisted on her innocence.

“To find myself in the situation I did today when I am certain I have committed no offence is both a shock and deeply distressing," she said.

“I know that this ongoing investigation is difficult for people, and I am grateful that so many continue to show faith in me and appreciate that I would never do anything to harm either the SNP or the country.

“Obviously, given the nature of this process, I cannot go into detail.

“However, I do wish to say this, and to do so in the strongest possible terms. Innocence is not just a presumption I am entitled to in law. 

“I know beyond doubt that I am in fact innocent of any wrongdoing.

"To the many people who have sent messages of support over the past difficult weeks - including since today's news broke - thank you for your kindness."