COUNTER protesters drove “Nazi bams” out of a Scottish town on Saturday after a far-right rally failed to attract more than a handful of attendees.

The fascist “Highland Division” group had attempted to organise a demonstration in Elgin, Moray, but had to be escorted away by police after being drowned out by anti-racism campaigners.

Alex Yerbury, the founder of the far-right National Support Detachment (NSD) umbrella organisation who has been branded a “little Hitler”, was among the small group of protesters who were driven from Elgin centre after a reported two hours of protesting.

Sharing a photo of Yerbury, a Franny Weldon tweeted: “The Nazi bams who were were driven oot ae oor toon in Elgin today.”

Stand up to Racism wrote: “Locals have completely surrounded Hitler look-alike Alek Yerbury and his supporters in the Highland Division in Elgin (all seven of them!!!) who are being protected by the police and have been unable to hold any rally #NeverAgain”

The fascist group had attempted to protest against the housing of refugees in hotels, holding a banner which read: “To secure the existence of our people and a future for our children. Stop the migrant invasion.”

The slogan is a slight variation on the fascist “14 words”, classified as a hate slogan by the Anti-Defamation League: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Counter protesters held banners with slogans such as “No one is illegal. Refugees welcome”.

Sharing a video of the fascist group, Northern Scot reporter Jonny Clark wrote: “Far-right protest in Elgin hugely outnumbered [by] counter-demonstrators. I knew they would be outnumbered, but must be outnumber[ed] by at least 10-15 times.”

Another video, shared by Stand up to Racism, showed a local confronting Yerbury. “I am standing up to fascism and racism,” she said.

“You need to go away and you need to take your little band of fascists and you need to go back to whatever stone you come out under,” Yerbury was told. “We will not have fascism in Scotland.”

In response, Yerbury asked if the woman was employed, only to be told that she works for the NHS. “I care about people, what do you do?” she said.

Yerbury said he is a labourer and that he was formerly in the army.

Stand Up To Racism Scotland said: "The local population of Elgin today gave anti-fascists everywhere a lesson of how you deal with fascist hatred targeting your community. Hundreds of locals spontaneously and peacefully surrounded the Nazis and drowned them in chants and opposition.

"Eventually Yerbury and his supporters had to be escorted by police back to their vehicle as anti-fascists celebrated. Today was an utter humiliation for the fascists hoping to build in the racist climate created by government policies. Well done the people of Moray."

According to the Daily Record, Yerbury claimed on his official Telegram that he had faced “down a mob of a hundred people”.

“It's easily [sic] to believe that you've lost. But you haven't, because you've already won just by confronting them,” he wrote.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers were in attendance at a planned protest in Elgin on Saturday, 17 June, 2023. A 17-year-old male youth was arrested in connection with assault. He was issued with a recorded police warning.”