THREE activists who smashed the case holding William Wallace’s sword have been ordered to pay more than £3000 each to cover the cost of its replacement.

Xander Cloudsley, 30, and Kat Chan, 21, were both found guilty of vandalism after smashing the case holding the relic at the Wallace Monument in Stirling.

Imogen Robertson, 22, was charged with joint enterprise after she filmed the pair smashing the case with hammers and chisels.

The three appeared at Stirling Sheriff Court on Thursday, June 15, where they were each ordered to each pay £3333 over 33 months.

They were all affiliated with the This Is Rigged campaign group, which made weekly headlines with their disruptions of First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood.

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The group describes itself as a “Scottish non-violent direct action group demanding that the Scottish Government vocally opposes all new oil and gas licensing, and ensures a fair and fully funded transition for Scotland’s oil workers”.

Cloudsley, Chan, and Robertson, said that their actions had imitated those of suffragettes 111 years ago.

Cloudsley said: “The Suffragettes took the very same action I was prosecuted for today. They were convicted then, but people admire their action now. I would say that I wonder how people will remember this action in 111 years time, but there will not be a world to remember us then if we continue on the path we’re on.

“New oil and gas licenses are a death sentence, and every minute that passes without the Scottish Government opposing these licenses is a crime far greater than breaking a pane of glass.”

Chan said: “We've tried different forms of protest. Nothing is as effective as direct action that garners media coverage. Let's ask ourselves what really is more important. A piece of glass, or the planet. Our whole world that we live on with every person, animal, wildlife. This action was to replicate the same actions that happened 111 years ago, albeit for a different social cause but to further justice nevertheless.”

Robertson said: “I am happy to take accountability for my actions and accept the verdict as deployed today on the chin, however I think it is a testament to the broken nature of our justice system, and how it continues to vilify activists and those with a passion for justice themselves.”

This is Rigged have said they will “escalate tactics” and aim to shut down parts of Scotland’s industry over the summer.