REPORTING Scotland is facing questions over a decision to “edit” a key quote from a Scottish Cabinet Secretary. 

During Wednesday evening’s programme at 6pm, there was a segment on the Universal Credit benefits payment and the specific effect this has on young parents. 

At the end of the segment, a response  from Scottish Social Justice Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville was read out by presenter Laura Miller and displayed on a screen. 

It read: “We are doing all we can to tackle poverty… but we do so within a fixed budget and limited powers… we will continue to call for more powers so we can fully support people.”

However, in the online article version of the story posted on the BBC News website, the full quote reads: “We are doing all we can to tackle poverty and protect people from UK Government policies but we do so within a fixed budget and limited powers.”

The same section of the quote was also not included on the 1.30pm news earlier on Wednesday afternoon. 

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Many on social media were left bemused by the omission on the TV programme including SNP MP Peter Grant, who retweeted a screenshot of the edited quote and said: “[BBC Scotland News], care to explain the politically impartial editorial reason for this.”

Other Twitter users asked why such “an important part of the statement” was not read out. 

The BBC has been contacted for comment.