NEALE Hanvey has said he is leaving London as he has “lost confidence” in the Metropolitan Police’s ability to take his safety seriously.

The Alba MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath – and the leader of his party in the House of Commons – added that “having to explain the threats and the police’s indifference to my husband was quite surreal”.

It comes after a social media storm in which he and SNP MP Joanna Cherry were accused of dismissing concerns about trans suicides – receiving criticism and threats, including one Twitter user writing: “Each of them should be murdered in broad daylight on a crowded street”.

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He and Cherry were seen putting their heads in their hands in viral clips of SNP MP Kirsty Blackman discussing the definition of sex in the Equality Act during a Commons debate, and quoting a trans constituent saying they were considering suicide because of the culture war.

Cherry received and reported a similar threat directed at her to the Metropolitan Police on Tuesday, but a spokesperson for the force announced today that they reviewed the post and concluded it “did not meet the criminal threshold for an offence”.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday evening, Hanvey announced he would be leaving London following the events of the past few days.

He said: “I have left Parliament & London for the week as I have lost all confidence in the @metpoliceuk to take my safety seriously.

“Having to explain the threats and the police’s indifference to my husband was quite surreal.

“Nothing will deter me from defending my rights, the rights of women or the rights of trans people.

“This chaotic and dangerous movement have made it clear, they have run out of legitimate arguments and are resorting to coercion, hyperbole and threats of extreme violence.

“There is no place for this behaviour in a democratic society.

“My sincerest thanks to so many for your generous support.”