ONE of the stars of Outlander has recalled a “funny” moment Sam Heughan found himself in while shooting the latest season of the hit show.

Joey Phillips, who plays Dr Denzell Hunter, told Crookes Magazine how the crew struggled to get a take without anyone laughing as Heughan struggled to row a boat.

Asked if he could recall any “funny” moments from filming, the actor said: “We were shooting on a beautiful loch, all jumping into little boats and rowing off.

“It was supposed to be this dramatic moment and Sam, who plays Jamie, is obviously known for being the big strong hero and so he’s the one to shove off from the jetty and row everyone to safety.

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“But for some reason, he just couldn’t shove off and ended up pathetically jabbing his oar at the pier and their boat just span around in sad little circles.

“That then set Caitriona [Balfe] off laughing which then set Sam off which then set everyone else off.

“The more he couldn’t do it the funnier it was. I’m not sure if we ever got a take with at least one person not laughing.”

The show’s seventh season is about to air in the UK and is due to be split into two parts, both containing eight episodes.

The second instalment will not arrive until 2024, although the first part will begin on Friday June 16.

Fans in the UK will be able to view the show via streaming service Lionsgate+.

It has also been renewed for season eight although this will be the final chapter. A prequel series – Outlander: Blood Of My Blood – has also been ordered and will focus on Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) parents.