THE campaign for an independent Wales has “come of age” after 100 delegates attended the first ever YesCymru annual conference, its CEO has said.

The event was held at Aberystwyth University MedRus conference centre and included guest speakers including SNP MP Richard Thomson, panel discussions and workshops.

CEO Gwern Gwynfil said it was a “defining moment” in the campaign, showing it can put down roots in every community and convince people Wales can thrive outside of a Union “long past its sell by date”.

He said: “This first annual conference and summer school is an important first step in the next phase of the independence campaign here in Wales.

“It’s a defining moment, showing that the campaign has come of age and has the rigour to extend itself and put down roots in every community across the nation.

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“We’re ready to get out there and talk to everyone in Wales, and help give them the confidence, the bravery and the ambition to see and understand that an independent Wales will have vastly more potential than we can ever have whilst shackled to a Union that is now long past its sell by date.”

Last month, in a column for The National, Gwynfil said Wales could pave the way for Scotland to become independent, insisting it could leave the Union first and accelerate the disintegration of the UK.

He said nationalist sentiment had ballooned in Wales without the “catalyst of a referendum campaign”, while he argued the prospects for Scottish independence were at a standstill.

AUOBCymru and YesCymru held an independence march in Swansea last month while other events have taken place in Cardiff and Wrexham.

On the conference, one delegate said following the closing panel discussion: “That was amazing. If these panellists are an example of the leaders we’ll have in an independent Wales then our success is assured.

“It’s been a fantastic weekend. I’m exhausted but also energised by all that I’ve heard.”

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Nerys Jenkins, vice chair of YesCymru, added: “What a great weekend. It was wonderful to welcome and hear from friends and partners in the Scottish Independence campaign and fantastic to see the enthusiasm and energy of our members.

“There can be no doubt at all that the Welsh independence campaign has found its mojo this year and is ready to thrive and strive so that we can continue to make headway in our campaign.

“The case for independence is becoming overwhelming just as the case for the Union collapses into feeble, nostalgic and backward-looking arguments with little substance or relevance to the realities of the 21st century.

“We’re living in a time where outward looking, internationalist, small nation states are ideally placed to be successful, happy, healthy and wealthy. We want this for Wales and you should too.”