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JUST when you thought you'd heard it all.

The Jouker has covered a fair share of mad takes in the media about Scotland over the years, but what the former editor of The Sun has come out with on GB News might just top the lot. 

Kelvin MacKenzie was speaking with Dan Wootton following Nicola Sturgeon’s arrest and release without charge.

Wootton, who continunes to insist on using his best material and refers to the former first minister as “scheming Sturgeon”, asked why the mainstream media was more focused on Boris Johnson than Sturgeon.

MacKenzie replied: “Let’s be honest, the mainstream media operates from London. Scotland, and I’m sorry to say this to your Scottish viewers and I’m sure you’ve got some, is a long way away.

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“The machinations of Scotland with a dominant party like the SNP and with a dominant personality like Sturgeon I quite understand in a funny way.

“It doesn’t say much for Scottish journalists because they’re the people that should have been all over this all the time.

“Why weren’t they trying to figure out where the £600,000 went? And the other issue I have is, this investigation has now been going on for two years.

“Everybody and their wife has been arrested, there can’t be anybody in Scotland who hasn’t been arrested in relation to this.”

In this instance, "everybody and their wife" is a grand total of three people - Peter Murrell, Colin Beattie and Sturgeon – and all of them were released without charge.

MacKenzie continued: “Why has nobody been actually charged? Imagine what £600,000 means in Scotland. That’s a lot of potatoes."

MacKenzie seemed particularly proud of that one, and managed to provoke laughter from some in the GB News studio.

The London media just can't help present Scotland like some far-away, underdeveloped land. And they wonder why we might want our independence.

Don't forget, it's just a few months since a leading financial journalist coined the phrase TABIS - “things are better in Scotland” - due to Holyrood’s use of devolved powers over tax and benefits.

MacKenzie wasn't done quite yet though as his bizarre answer continued with yet another suggestion - calling for England-based cops to be brought in.

“The police should raise their game or they should get in Scotland Yard. Right, Scotland Yard. Get them in and somebody will be charged within half an hour.”

The absolute irony of this segment starting with the pair complaining about a supposed lack of coverage of the SNP and Scotland. This scene demonstrates exactly why we we could do with a lot fewer London-based "journalists" analysing politics north of the Border.