With the summer upon us and many looking to explore Scotland, knowing some of the rules governing camping across the country is important.

Making sure you are a responsible camper and following all of the laws will not only help protect Scotland's countryside but will also ensure you have a good stay.

To help you get to grips with some of the rules, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is it legal to camp anywhere in Scotland?

The National: (Canva) There are a lot of commonly asked questions around camping in Scotland including on the use of disposable BBQs(Canva) There are a lot of commonly asked questions around camping in Scotland including on the use of disposable BBQs (Image: Canva)

Across Scotland, there are dozens of Camping Management Zones known as permit areas. In these places, campers must have a permit to camp and must book these spots at least four weeks in advance.

Outside of these marked areas, campers are not required to seek a permit, meaning those who "wild camp" can do so freely. Wild camping is legal in Scotland.

Can you legally camp on a beach in Scotland?

Yes, wild camping on a beach in Scotland is allowed but campers should be mindful of where their tent is set up and that it is above the tideline when bunking down for the night.

Can you have a fire while camping in Scotland?

Lighting a fire while wild camping is allowed if done so responsibly.

Campers should never light an open fire during long dry periods in forests, woods, farmland or on peaty ground as this could cause the fire to spread.

The National: (Canva) Campfires are allowed while wild camping in Scotland(Canva) Campfires are allowed while wild camping in Scotland (Image: Canva)

What are the disposable BBQ rules in Scotland when camping?

Using a disposable BBQ in Scotland while camping isn't explicitly banned, but certain national parks and places have different policies governing the use of these barbeques.

If you're going to use one, here are some safety tips you should follow.

According to Aberdeenshire Council, campers should elevate their disposable BBQ above flammable surfaces such as grass.

Campers should also ensure their barbecue is completely extinguished before removing and disposing of it.

It is advised that campers use facilities where provided as many campsites provide picnic areas for barbecuing.

After staying in an area, campers should take everything they brought with them home and leave no trace of their activities.