ALEX Salmond is set to make a return to the Edinburgh fringe with a new debating show with Tory MP David Davis.

Entitled ‘The Ayes Have It! The Ayes Have It!’ – the two “friendly foes” will lead competing teams of parliamentarians from the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments plus so-called celebrity debaters in a nightly battle at the Assembly Spiegeltent, with its 450-seat auditorium.

It has been billed as a “rip-roaring festival of political debate” and will tackle topics including Scottish independence, Brexit, the House of Lords, republicanism and the right to strike.

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At the end, the audience can decide their victor, whether it be Salmond’s side or Davis’.

This will be the Alba Party leader’s first fringe show since 2017, which led to his TV show on state-owned Russia Today (RT).

The show will be directed by Alba chair and former SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

Ahmed-Sheikh said: “We intend to bang the very best of political debate to the Edinburgh Festival. These will be authentic cut and thrust exchanges from a range of quality speakers who know their business”.

Salmond said: “There will be no quarter asked or given in these debates. The subject matters are too important for that. I have assembled a top Scottish team for the Ayes and David will lead his side for the Noes”

Davis added: “Edinburgh Festival goers are far too sensible to be carried away by an emotional spasm from the Ayes. We will face Alex’s team with logic, facts and fierce argument and we intend to win for the Noes, on every subject every night.”