THE Tories have been accused of deliberately “tarnishing” the Scottish Parliament by “misleading” MSPs and “abusing” other members .

In a blistering attack from SNP depute leader Keith Brown, delivered under the guise of a point of order, the Scottish Conservatives were charged with bringing “appalling toxicity” to Holyrood.

Brown cited Douglas Ross’s “misleading” line of questioning at last week’s First Minister’s Questions, during which he grilled the Scottish Government on a charity he said was being harmed by Glasgow’s new low emission zone. It later transpired this was not the case.

Murdo Fraser also came under fire for his contributions in a debate on Wednesday, in which he called Green MSP Maggie Chapman “wired to the moon and on a different planet from the rest of us”.

His comments were met with ire when they were made on Wednesday with an SNP minister claiming the language was “ableist”. Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone said she would look into the matter.

Brown, who spoke following First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, said: “I am aware that under rule 31 of standing orders it is permissible for members to make personal statements conditional upon your agreement and of course subject to scheduling by the parliamentary bureau.

“In the interest of checking that those procedures are being following correctly, can I ask whether you would allow, if requested, Douglas Ross to make a personal statement if he asked for one to allow him to correct the record and to explain why he pursued a misleading line of questioning in last week’s session of FMQs.

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“We know that the Conservatives will oppose virtually any measure on addressing climate change but during Thursday’s session last week, while questioning the First Minister, he attempted to discredit the new low emission zone in Glasgow.

“He stated: ‘Homeless Project Scotland was refused an exemption to use a refrigerated van within the restricted area.’

“And [he] continued a line of questioning which heavily implied the LEZ was condemning the charity to being unable to do the work that it wants to do, failing to clarify of course, that Glasgow City Council had in fact given an exemption to Homeless Project Scotland so it would continue its work. 

“Additionally, after FMQs ended Douglas Ross proceeded to share his misleading assertion further on social media and to date has not removed it.

“This disingenuous conduct, allied to the evident and appalling toxicity within the Tory group, exemplified yesterday Presiding Officer by the disgraceful language of Murdo Fraser in attacking, through personal abuse a member of the parliament is, in my view by design tarnishing the reputation of this parliament.”

He added: “Presiding Officer, I seek your advice about how we can ensure opposition leaders like Douglas Ross do not knowingly mislead this chamber and whether you can inform parliament as to whether Douglas Ross has made any attempt to correct the record or seek your permission to make a statement, so that he could explain why he thought it was acceptable to pursue a misleading line of questioning during FMQs? “

The Presiding Officer said members’ contributions were a matter for themselves.

The Scottish Conservatives were approached for comment.