A SCOTTISH Conservative MSP has been accused of “trying to bail out to Westminster” as his party is predicted to slump to third place come the next Holyrood election.

Stephen Kerr told the Daily Record he is considering running for the new North Tayside seat at the General Election next year.

The Tory MSP represented Stirling in the Commons from 2017 to 2019 and has been a list member for Central Scotland since 2021.

Asked if he was considering putting himself forward for the upcoming selection for the seat, he said: “Considering it, yes. Because I come from there you see.”

He added: "I loved being an MP. I had the enormous privilege of being Stirling's MP for two and a half years.

“Scotland needs strong voices at Westminster, just as it needs strong voices here.”

The Record reported Kerr told them he would step down as an MSP if elected. 

His boss Douglas Ross is both an MSP and an MP and has said he will not stand at the next General Election. 

Dundee-born Kerr was accused of showing “just how little respect” the Tories have for the Scottish Parliament in his desire to return to London.

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Pete Wishart, the SNP MP for Perth, told the paper: “Stephen Kerr is showing just how little respect he and the rest of the Tories have for Scotland's parliament that he wants to scuttle off back to Westminster at the first opportunity.

"Stephen Kerr and the rest of the Tories do not want to sit in the Scottish Parliament as they would rather it wasn't there at all. They are trashing devolution at every opportunity and trying to draw back as much power to Westminster as they can.

"Already the people of Perthshire have rejected the Tories and when it comes to the General Election I would relish the opportunity to keep the Tories out once again."

Greens MSP Maggie Chapman added: “Few tears will be shed in Holyrood over this news.”