THE Alba Party have reacted with outrage after "excrement" was smeared on one of their pro-republic billboards. 

The party's general secretary, Chris McEleny, expressed disgust after a brown substance was thrown over an advertisement for his party.

The sign, which is on the billboards at the corner of Campbell Street and Brougham Street in Greenock, bears a message promoting the idea of an "independent republic of Scotland" and contains the Alba Party's logo and a link to its website. 

It also features a crossed out image of King Charles's head. 

McEleny said that the views expressed in the sign were completely legitimate and slammed the culprit for defacing it in such a disgusting fashion.

The former councillor said: “I really would hope it is not what it looks like, but it does appear that someone has splattered something quite disgusting, likely excrement, over the billboard. 

“This no way for anyone to conduct themselves.

"Around half of the people of Scotland believe in independence and support for an independent Scotland being a republic with an elected head of state is a completely legitimate and respect view in any democratic society."

McEleny says the vile act of vandalism should be roundly condemned by everyone involved in the local political scene, regardless of their views on the constitution.

He said: “I would hope that local Unionist leaders would condemn such behaviour as politics should be about putting forward ideas to improve people’s lives, not throwing mud – or something worse on this occasion – at ideas we don’t agree with.”