YESSERS are to gather at the Border for a display on a busy summer weekend.

The Saturday Saltire static event will be held on July 8.

The plan is to gather at the Border crossing in the northbound layby, as well as on the first (Lamberton) and second (Ayton) bridges over the A1 in Scotland with fully manned flag displays.

Organiser Bryan Cunningham encouraged those planning to attend to share with “indy groups, friends, and families - anyone who can hold a Saltire in fact.”

He added: "This is the furthest one south that we are organising so we want this to be the best-attended event to date."

Activists David Macey-Lillie has liaised with Police Scotland as well as local officers in Eyemouth to ensure a smooth day of action. Border Yes groups are being approached to assist in getting the word out.

Activists are keen to avoid similar controversy seen when a small group of masked protesters gathered at the Border in July 2020.

The group flew saltires and SNP banners whilst wearing hazmat suits in reference to England’s higher number of coronavirus cases. They were accused and condemned of a “racist” Border protest after shouting at drivers crossing the Border.

As first minister at the time, Nicola Sturgeon strongly condemned the protest, insisting English people were welcome in Scotland and said she did not believe the demonstration would damage Scotland’s reputation.

She added that anti-English sentiment was “not what my party is about”.

Humza Yousaf, as justice secretary, branded the event "horrible, reprehensible and vile” and called protesters “racist” and “morons”.