AN SNP MP has criticised This Morning editor Martin Frizell for his “deeply inappropriate” response to allegations of a “toxic” work environment at ITV.

Asked by Sky News about the workplace culture at the broadcaster, the editor responded: “I tell you what’s toxic, I’ve always found toxic is aubergine.

“Do you like aubergine? Do you? Do you like aubergine because I don’t like aubergine. It’s just a personal thing.”

The interviewer persisted in asking about the “toxic” environment at ITV although Frizell declined to comment, instead continuing to talk about aubergines.

SNP MP John Nicolson retweeted the clip with the caption: “This is a deeply inappropriate and disrespectful way to respond to questions about safeguarding vulnerable staff and bullying in the workplace at ITV.”

Others were also critical of Frizell’s response, with one saying it was “not a good look to run the risk of trivialising your employees’ concerns” while comparing him to an “Alan Partridge tribute act”.

“Glad to see he takes this seriously”, said another user.

Frizell’s comments come as Holly Willoughby appeared on screen on This Morning for the first time since Philip Schofield’s departure.

ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall has been called to a parliamentary committee on June 14 to answer questions about the broadcaster’s approach to safeguarding and complaint handling following Schofield’s exit.

Willoughby said she felt “shaken, troubled, let down and worried” by recent events.

Magnus Brooke, ITV’s director of strategy, policy and regulation, could face questioning from MPs over the This Morning row when he appears in front of the select committee on June 6 for a hearing due to focus on the draft Media Bill.

SNP MP Nicolson has previously said that he is looking forward to “getting some answers” from ITV bosses about the Schofield scandal.