SCOTLAND’S countryside charity has asked Rishi Sunak to explain why the country should be condemned to “years' more littered glass”.

Action to Protect Rural Scotland (APRS) raised its concerns after tweeting a photo of an Edinburgh public way covered in recyclable bottles and aluminium cans.

The statement comes amid a backlash to the UK Government’s demands for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme to exclude glass.

APRS said: “We were shocked at this picture. This clearly shows the extent of littering problems in areas and why we should all work towards a Deposit Return Scheme that includes glass and encourages everyone to recycle."

Originally taken by nature blogger The Airdrie Rambler, the photo was shot just a couple of hundred metres from Holyrood.

Posting on Twitter about the image, the blogger commented: “Apparently, we don’t need a deposit return scheme in Scotland.”

APRS director Kat Jones said: “This picture is one of thousands in communities across Scotland. The message couldn't be clearer to Rishi Sunak – why should Scotland's countryside be condemned to years' more littered glass?

“The first people to call for deposits through Holyrood were two primary school pupils upset that one of their dogs stepped on broken glass.

“Those pupils are nearly 30 now and it is unacceptable that we still seem no nearer to dealing with the issue of glass litter.”

In May, APRS launched a campaign calling on members of the public to send photographs of recyclable litter to Sunak.

Writing on Twitter, the group said: “If you spot a bottle or can, return it to Rishi.

"At 6pm tonight, we are asking for photos of littered bottles and cans to be sent directly to the PM as we ask him not to block Scotland’s DRS.”