A SCOTTISH tourist has died after being run over by a tram in Barcelona, it has been reported.

The accident occurred in close proximity to the Parc del Forum, where the renowned Pet Shop Boys took the stage for the opening night of the Primavera Sound 2023 music festival.

As concert-goers bid farewell to the unforgettable evening, an unnamed Scotsman found himself caught in a harrowing accident, resulting in his untimely passing. The exact details of whether he had been part of the festival crowd remains uncertain.

Reports from tram operators shed light on the tragic incident, indicating that the man was moving in the opposite direction of the departing festival-goers.

A companion who accompanied him, whose age and nationality are yet to be disclosed, emerged from the ordeal unscathed, was injured in the incident.

The National:

Local authorities have wasted no time launching a comprehensive police investigation into the matter, with the tram service provider readily offering video footage to aid in the meticulous examination.

TRAM Barcelona said in a tweet earlier today: “TRAM would like to send its condolences to the family and friends of the man who died in last night’s tragedy.” 

An FCDO spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a man who died in Spain and are in touch with local authorities.”