THE CEO of Republic has shared a clip of his book on ditching the monarchy being covered up by royalists.

The video on Twitter shows Graham Smith's 'Abolish the Monarchy' book being shielded from view by people covering it up with books on the late Queen, King Charles and Queen Camilla, who said they were doing "God's work". 

Smith's book was released on Thursday this week. It looks at why the UK should replace the monarchy with an elected head of state. 

But it would seem monarchists have not taken well to it being on display in shops.

Smith said on Twitter: "Monarchists really not handling republicanism well at all. Not really keen on free speech or debate."

The video was shared by user @crowndefensx, whose bio includes the phrase "God save the King". 

The account appears to have also poked fun at Smith's book being discounted on Amazon on its launch day.

In posting the video, it said: "Graham Smith’s “Abolish the Monarchy” is out today! And so we set out to do God’s work."

Smith was one of a group of Republic supporters arrested at the coronation under the controversial Public Order Act. The act was rushed through parliament on May 2, just a few days before the coronation took place.

The Metropolitan Police then expressed regret over this and said the group would not be subject to any further action.

Republic saw its membership almost double in the wake of the incident and a surge in its sales.