AN SNP MP has hit out at Westminster authorities for “mishandling” an expenses claim.

Last week, Dave Doogan – the MP for Angus – was named in an investigation by The Independent as being among four Westminster politicians who claimed fines for traffic violations on expenses.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) approved more than £1000 of expense claims for driving penalty charges between 2019 and 2022.

However, in response to the investigation which named three Conservative MPs alongside Doogan as having made claims, IPSA said it would be writing to the politicians to ask them to repay the money.

But Doogan has now hit out at IPSA for their “mishandling” of his expenses after they failed to contact him regarding the failed automatic payment of a congestion fine.

In a statement he said: “Having been contacted by a number of concerned constituents, I feel it is important to provide clarity on recent reporting into my expenses.

“If an MP has to drive in to London to attend Parliament, the cost of London’s Congestion Charge can be claimed.

“I had set up an automatic payment for the Congestion Charge. Unfortunately, on two occasions, the automatic payment system failed to operate as it should have.

“This resulted in two late payment surcharges on top of the usual Congestion Charge.

“The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) approved these payments, including the surcharges and, despite what has been reported, did not contact me to make me aware that this was in error.

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“Rather, I contacted IPSA last week to ensure monies paid to me incorrectly could be returned as a matter of urgency.”

Doogan said that claims made in the media which implied the expenses were in relation to speeding or parking offences were untrue and that he would “never seek to recover the cost of fines for driving offences.”

He added: “After a very difficult few days I am pleased to have now received a full apology from IPSA for their failure to communicate with me, and for their mishandling of this matter throughout.

“For my part, I now recognise that I should have sought to separate the late payment charge from the Congestion Charge itself and I apologise to my constituents for not doing so.

“Because IPSA failed to contact me in this matter, I contacted them to arrand the return of monies paid to me in error, which have now been repaid.

“To underline that there was no ill intent on my part, I will also make a matching donation to a local charity here in Angus.”

The surcharge fine was £160.

Conservative MP Bim Afolami, who was also named in the investigation, claimed that he had inadvertently used his parliamentary expenses card to pay for two £80 congestion penalties.