DOUGLAS Ross has been told to correct the record after he “misled parliament” while attacking the SNP and Glasgow’s new low emission zone at FMQs.

The Scottish Tory leader raised the example of Homeless Project Scotland, a charity which helps to feed 300 people every day in Glasgow city centre, who he claimed had been denied an “exceptional circumstances” exemption to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) which came into effect on Thursday.

"Maybe the First Minister and the SNP could listen to Homeless Project Scotland. They were refused an exemption," the Tory leader said.

He then repeated: "Homeless Project Scotland [were] refused an exemption to use a refrigerated van within the restricted area."

A clip of the Scots Tory leader's questioning was shared on social media by outlets including the BBC.

Ross also shared it on his Twitter account, writing: "Homeless Project Scotland helps feed 300 people a day in Glasgow, but they were refused an exemption to use their refrigerated van within the city's new Low Emission Zone.

"@HumzaYousaf why is the SNP council in Glasgow preventing this outstanding charity doing this vital work?"

But SNP councillors in Glasgow watching FMQs were quick to call Ross out, saying that in fact Homeless Project Scotland have been granted a time-limited exemption to the LEZ.

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Glasgow City Council has confirmed to The National that such an exemption is in place. It was brought in at the last minute, however, late on May 31.

Councillor Allan Casey wrote on Twitter: “I know that @Douglas4Moray finger isn’t normally on the pulse however he has clearly not done his research today on questioning @HumzaYousaf at #FMQs on the LEZ.

“Homeless Project Scotland have been given a time limited exemption to the LEZ after discussions I had with them.”

Glasgow council leader Susan Aitken added: “@Douglas4Moray has misled the Scottish Parliament. I’m sure he’ll take the opportunity to withdraw his remarks by the end of the day.”

And her SNP colleague Paul Leinster added: "Whether deliberately or inadvertently, @Douglas4Moray has misled parliament and must apologise."

The time-limited exemption will give Homeless Project Scotland time to fit out a new vehicle that is compliant with the LEZ's rules.

The charity fundraised more than £16,000 to buy a new refrigerated vehicle. They had a target of £15,000.

But Homeless Project Scotland said after FMQs: "We were forced to buy a van at £15,000 before we could receive an exemption at 9pm last night. 

"@Douglas4Moray was right we were being forced to put our fridge van off the road. until we pleaded with @GlasgowCC to allow us x2 months to finish the prep on our new van."

The Scottish Conservatives have been asked for comment.