THIS is Rigged activists have taken essentials from the shelves of two Tesco supermarkets in Glasgow and “placed them into food banks” in a protest against inflation and the cost of living crisis.

On Monday morning, “Robin Hood” campaigners targeted Tesco stores on Sauchiehall Street and St Enoch by gathering food and essential items before placing them into the supermarket’s food banks.

The group has been demanding the Scottish Government vocally oppose all new oil and gas, and ensure a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry.

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It has previously been behind disruption at FMQs, and thrown red paint over the front of the Scottish Parliament as part of its protest action.

And now, the group is targeting supermarkets for their role in increasing food inflation and profiting from the cost of living crisis.

At 8am on Monday, eight campaigners took part in the action at the two Tesco branches following reports that supermarkets are driving prices up, and people are having to resort to shoplifting to meet their basic needs.

Video footage on the campaign group’s social media page shows activists filling baskets with essentials but stating they “will not be paid for”.

“We’re not leaving the shop, we’re just taking them off the shelves and putting them in the food bank, hoping they get to the right people,” one campaigner said.

Earlier this year, food giant Tesco posted £753 million in profits, though this was down on last year’s record pre-tax profits of £2 billion.

Sophie, a 19-year-old linguistics student who took action on Monday morning, said: "I am taking part in this Robin Hood action because the companies continue to profit as more and more people are going to food banks.

“We cannot stand by and watch people in our community suffer."

Lindsey, a 23-year-old environmental studies student, added: "I took action against the cost of living crisis today because large supermarket corporations are stealing from ordinary people. It doesn't have to be this way.

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“As a community, we need to come together and take a stand against this and take back the right to affordable necessities."

The move is the second time This is Rigged has targeted supermarkets in Scotland this year.

In April, it targeted eight supermarkets around Glasgow, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, M&S and Waitrose.

The campaign group has insisted they will continue to target supermarkets as a “means to redistribute essential resources into the community”.

The group is also encouraging others to replicate its actions, and published a How To guide on its website.

Tesco has been contacted for comment.