THE lead singer of one of the world’s biggest bands has backed Scottish independence during an appearance at a music festival in Dundee.

Matty Healy of the pop rock band The 1975 was playing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Camperdown Park when he said that Scotland “should definitely just be doing its own thing”.

He told the crowd: “We’re very happy to be here, we have a lot of fond memories of this part of the world.

“Fond memories in this country. This country. That’s a country.

“I’m from Manchester and I want my own independence so I can’t imagine how you feel.

“It’s the BBC, we’re not supposed to be political, but you definitely should just be doing your own thing.”

SNP councillor for Fife Council, David Barratt, shared the footage on social media and said he “very much enjoyed” Matty Healy’s contribution to the debate.

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It isn’t the first time Healy has made his thoughts on the subject known, previously declaring at a concert in Glasgow that the country should be independent.

It comes just a few months after Healy was criticised for a podcast appearance in which he described the Scots language as “retard English”.

Healy has recently made headlines after appearing to be romantically involved with the American popstar Taylor Swift.