HUMZA Yousaf has called the BBC's framing of the UK's demand that Scotland alter an ambitious recycling scheme "extraordinary". 

The First Minister announced that the Scottish Government received a letter on Friday evening from Westminster which "demanded" that glass be excluded from the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). 

The UK Government said it had accepted the Scottish Government's request for an UK Internal Market Act exclusion, although only on a "temporary and limited basis". 

A spokesperson said: "The drinks industry has raised concerns about the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme differing from plans in the rest of the UK, resulting in the Scottish Government reviewing and pausing their Scheme earlier this year. 

"We have listened to these concerns and that is why we have accepted the Scottish Government’s request for a UK Internal Market (UKIM) exclusion on a temporary and limited basis to ensure the Scottish Government’s scheme aligns with planned schemes for the rest of the UK.

“Deposit Return Schemes need to be consistent across the UK and this is the best way to provide a simple and effective system. A system with the same rules for the whole UK will increase recycling collection rates and reduce litter - as well as minimise disruption to the drinks industry and ensure simplicity for consumers." 

A BBC story highlighting the spokesperson's comments was headlined 'UK agrees to Scottish deposit scheme without glass'. 

But Humza Yousaf took to Twitter to give his reaction to the way the story was being framed by the BBC. 

"Extraordinary framing here," he wrote. 

"UK Government haven't agreed to DRS scheme, they've refused the Scottish scheme, a vital component of which is inclusion of glass, as per regulations passed by Scottish Parliament.

"It's their way or the highway, that's not respecting devolution." 

The DRS is due to come into place in Scotland in March 2024, with similar schemes planned for the rest of the UK in 2025. 

However, glass bottles are not currently included in the schemes planned in England and Northern Ireland