The global heart-throb Harry Styles has been spotted enjoying a day of golf at the Old Course in St Andrews.

The Harry’s House star attended the course in Fife yesterday (May 25) ahead of his Love on Tour dates in Edinburgh.

He was spotted playing on the 18-hole golf course as crowds gathered to see what the Watermelon Sugar hitmaker was up to.

When is Harry Styles performing in Edinburgh?

The former member of One Direction will be performing two sold-out shows at the BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh tonight (May 26) and Saturday (May 27).

On social media, the Twitter account of The Open, posted a video of the British star hitting golf balls into the distance on the course, wearing sunglasses and a navy outfit.

The caption read: “This shot is going in One Direction. @Harry_Styles at the Old Course!”

It’s been reported the Pleasing founder received a standing ovation as he finished a round.

Fans react to Harry Styles playing golf at the Old Course in St Andrews

On Twitter, this fan wrote: “the way i love harry like a mother watching her first born child walk for the first time…why was i giggling and clapping for him like its so bad for me”

Another commented on Harry’s golfing performance, saying: “Elegant in every way. Beautifully dressed.”

Someone else agreed, writing: “I don’t know the first thing about golf but somehow I know he’s very good from that swing jeeeeeeeez”

This user added: “my favourite thing is golf accounts posting Harry’s swing and everyone in the comments being surprised he’s good”

Someone who was also playing at the Old Course, said: “So I got to play the Old Course today at St. Andrews, and to top it off, Harry Styles just finished the 18th. The crowd is ridiculous.”