CONCERNS have been raised around a display in a Scottish museum which seems to describe the Jacobite movement led by Bonnie Prince Charlie as a “cult” that was "promoting rebellion".

A National reader who had visited Inverness Museum said that an “otherwise very enjoyable visit” had been “marred” by a plaque next to an exhibit about the Jacobite leader.

On display is a selection of trinkets, such as shortbread tins, with the image of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

The accompanying plaque reads: "The Jacobites used many symbols to demonstrate covert support for their cause. From miniature portraits to personal items given by ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, these became valuable heirlooms.

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"As the dangers passed and the politics were forgotten, Charles was reinvented as a romantic hero. Victorian interest in the Jacobites led to a proliferation of relics and memorabilia.

"The cult continues, but today Bonnie Prince Charlie is selling shortbread rather than promoting rebellion."

After the concerns about the use of the word “cult” were raised to the National, the University of Dundee’s Dr Allan Kennedy said he agreed that the wording was “clumsy”.

The lecturer in Scottish history said: “My view on this is that the wording is clumsy – I would not have used the word 'cult' since it has a lot of unfortunate connotations that do not fit the Jacobite movement.”

He went on: “The word 'rebellion', while strictly accurate, tends to provoke a particular response when used in connection with Jacobitism – but the essential issue being highlighted is important.

“Jacobite iconography used to be seditious, and now it is a core, uncontroversial part of Scotland's 'brand'. The museum is right to make this point, even if they could have expressed it a bit more elegantly.”

The collection and facilities are managed by High Life Highland on behalf of Highland Council.

A spokesperson for High Life Highland said: “The displays throughout our museums are constantly under review to meet the needs and interests of our visitors. We welcome feedback from everyone, and we will always consider people’s comments when undertaking any changes.

"Our team members are always happy to chat about the various displays located throughout the museum and art gallery.”

Bonnie Prince Charlie – whose real name was Charles Edward Stuart – led the Jacobite rising in 1745 in an effort to restore a James VII of Scotland to the British throne.

His efforts were ultimately defeated at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.