The National:

BORIS Johnson’s sister has left everyone confused after being called out for her seemingly contradictory defence of her brother. 

It comes as the former prime minister has been referred to the police by the Cabinet Office over fresh allegations he flouted Covid restrictions.

He has denied any wrongdoing, with a spokesperson saying the referral was “politically motivated”.

Also jumping to the defence of Johnson was his sister Rachel, although maybe her brother won’t quite appreciate it as much as she intended.

Speaking to LBC, she said it is “probably time to move on” from partygate and that her brother would answer any questions that were put to them.

However, this is where things get a little ropey as she added: “As far as I’m aware all the rules were followed whenever I went to Chequers, which wasn’t often enough.”

Many were left confused by how she was able to visit to check on those rules if Covid guidelines were in place ... with several asking her to clarify exactly when she had visited. 

One person said that her comments were something of an “own goal”, while others questioned why she was even going to Chequers – the PM’s country house – in the first place.

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“Question number one – why were you there, Rachel?”, asked one Twitter user while another claimed that she had “dropped Boris Johnson in it” with her defence.

“When even your own sister is stitching you up it might be wise to shut up”, said another.  

Maybe his family getting so much airtime isn't so handy for Johnson after all ...