THE SNP could be facing major losses to Labour in the next Westminster election, according to a new poll by YouGov.

The survey has predicted a number of high-profile names in the party are at risk of being defeated, with as many as 23 seats going to Labour.

That result would leave the SNP with 27 MPs and Labour with 24 MPs in Scotland, without the impact of proposed changes to the number of Westminster constituencies.

It's also less good news for the Scottish Conservatives, who are expected to lose two out of their six seats to the SNP - including Moray currently held by leader Douglas Ross.

The Liberal Democrats are also predicted not to make any gains from the four seats they currently hold. 

Here you can search our interactive map to find out the predictions for each Westminster constitency in Scotland, according to the YouGov findings.

To find the results in each constituency, hover the cursor over the relevant area of the map. Search for a specific constituency using the search bar on the top left.