A TORY MP has said she wants to go “back to the 80s” when police would “drag [protesters] off the street”.

Andrea Jenkyns, an arch-Brexiteer who briefly served as a minister in Boris Johnson’s zombie government, hit out at “woke policing” during a discussion on TalkTV.

Host Mike Graham handed the MP for Morley and Outwood a soft question, saying: “It’s getting a bit ridiculous this Just Stop Oil business isn’t it. I mean, it’s time for them to pack their bags and go home isn’t it.”

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On Tuesday morning, 45 Just Stop Oil activists blocked the roads on Blackfriars, London and Tower Bridge by walking slowly in the road. Police now have powers under the Public Order Act to force protesters out of the road and onto the pavement.

Jenkyns claimed that officers were not going far enough and needed to be “stronger”.

“This woke policing is just ridiculous. I call them the rainbow police brigade,” she said. “Yep,” Talk TV host Graham assented to that.

Jenkyns went on: “I mean, we’ve got to really protect the British public, not these crazy protesters. I’d go back to the 80s where you drag them off the street to be honest.”

Graham again agreed, saying they “do that in other countries” and claiming the UK is the “single most lenient country in the world”.

Jenkyns continued: “I mean the fact that they can stop the traffic as well. The knock-on effect, the economy, we saw a few weeks ago a lady getting very frustrated she couldn’t take her child to school. It’s got to stop.

“The police have got to get there, arresting people, drag them off the street, and let’s get this city moving again.”

Graham then complained that Just Stop Oil protesters have not been treated the same as anti-monarchist protesters during the coronation of King Charles.

“No. Exactly. Completely agree, Mike. They need to get stronger, definitely,” Jenkyns replied.

The Tory MP is the deputy chair of the European Research Group, the influential group of Conservative backbenchers seen as instrumental in controlling UK Government Brexit policy.

She made a name for herself after she raised a middle finger at crowds outside Downing Street as she arrived to watch Boris Johnson resign.

Jenkyns would then be appointed to his zombie government, serving as a minister through the summer before Liz Truss took over as prime minister.

Graham, the TalkTV host, is known for claiming that you grow concrete. He made the incorrect claim while trying to get one up on a carpenter who campaigns for Insulate Britain.

The activist, Cameron Ford, told Graham that working with wood was sustainable as you can grow trees, but you cannot grow concrete.

The TalkTV host insisted that you can grow concrete before terminating the interview after less than one minute.