BREXIT regret has reached record levels according to a new poll which said 62% of Britons felt it had been a “failure”.

A new YouGov study shows just 9% of people in the UK thought leaving the EU had been a success while 75% of Leave voters said they agreed with Nigel Farage that the project had been tanked by the Government.

It comes after the former Ukip leader admitted he thought Brexit had been “mismanaged” by the Conservatives and that the project had “failed”.

Some 89% of Remainers said Brexit had been a failure while Leavers were more split, with 37% saying it had been a failure, compared with 35% who were neutral. Just 20% of those who voted for Brexit considered it a success.

Most Britons who felt Brexit was a failure thought the project doomed from the start, the research revealed – with 56% of those polled saying it was “always going to be a failure”.

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The Government is handling Brexit badly, according to 72% of people – a view held by 63% of Leave voters.

Bregret – Brexit regret – is at its peak, according to YouGov, with 56% of Britons thinking Brexit was the wrong choice. This number was matched in a poll conducted in November last year. Those who felt it was right for Britain to leave the EU were at their lowest level on record, with just 31% of people taking this view.

The number of Leave voters saying that Brexit was the right choice has fallen to 65% – the lowest level to date. The 22% of Brexiters who said that voting to leave the EU was the wrong call is the highest level yet recorded, YouGov said.

Former Europe minister in the Scottish Government Alasdair Allan said: "It is unsurprising that people feel that Brexit has been a failure - quite frankly, every bit of evidence shows it and it is outrageous that both Labour and the Tories are happy to ignore the damage Brexit is causing.

"Despite voting overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, Scotland has been dragged out against our will, ignored at every turn and forced to suffer the consequences - slashing billions from our economy, damaging our NHS, hammering key industries and contributing to the cost of living crisis.

"Scotland deserves better. With no positive vision or plans on offer from either Labour or the Tories, the SNP is the only party offering an escape from the Brexit disaster and a route back to the EU where we can build a better future for everyone."

Ross Greer, the Scottish Greens MSP for the West of Scotland, said: "It is no surprise that so many are seeing through Westminster's disastrous Brexit. It has failed on every level. With prices soaring, it has been devastating for our economy and family budgets, not to mention removing our rights to live, work and travel freely across our continent.

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"From the start Brexit has been a project based on lies, distortions and the worst xenophobic scaremongering. It is no wonder that the people of Scotland rejected it by such a great margin at the time and why support for our place in the EU has only risen since we left.

"Even with the polls as clear as they are, the Tories have no intention of changing course and nor do their friends in the Labour Party. Keir Starmer has gone from leading protests against Brexit and promising to protect free movement to tearing up his pledges and whipping his MPs to support Britain's isolation from Europe.

"When even the odious Nigel Farage says that Brexit has been a failure, it's clear that we can't go on like this.

"The only way that Scotland can regain what has been lost and to rejoin the EU is with the powers of an independent country. It is simply not possible under a Westminster government, Tory or Labour, which is determined to double down on this mess."