ALL Under One Banner has written to the co-leaders of the Scottish Greens to ask if they will attend the independence rally in Stirling on June 24.

The march is due to take place on the same day as the SNP’s special convention on independence, where the party will discuss the route towards holding a legally binding referendum.

The letter, which has been sent both “by recorded delivery and email”, asks Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater if they plan to attend the march for independence on June 24.

It reads: “As co-leaders of the Scottish Greens, a pro-independence political party, Yes supporters expect you to march and speak at least one of this year’s national demonstrations.

“As ministers in the Scottish Government, you would represent all Scottish citizens by attending at least one of them – to speak up for Scotland’s right to decide and Scottish democracy.

“It would be fantastic to see you there.”

The letter goes on to ask that if neither Harvie nor Slater can attend, then would the party be able to confirm another representative who could speak at the event in Stirling.

In this event, it also asks which of the other planned rallies – in Ayr, Skye, Falkirk and Edinburgh – one of the co-leaders will attend.

The letter adds: “AUOB’s national committee recognises that the Yes movement is much bigger than the combined membership of all Yes political parties, and so we will continue to work with everyone to mobilise people towards unity in action, all under one banner, for independence.

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“As co-leaders of the Scottish Greens it is vital that you mobilise the party membership to attend the national demonstrations. As always Scottish Greens banners, flags and placards are most welcome, along with those from other political parties who support Scotland’s cause.

“We look forward to hearing from you by 5pm this Friday May 26.”

The National has approached the Scottish Greens for comment.