TORY peer Malcolm Offord is facing criticism after claiming Scotland’s devolution settlement is the “most generous of any world system”.

Last night’s Question Time was broadcast from Fort William with a wide range of topics up for discussion including independence, the Deposit Return Scheme and the ongoing investigation into SNP finances.

The first question of the night asked: “Are opposition parties too confident about the possible demise of the SNP?”

Offord was initially quick to praise the SNP and the party’s track record when it comes to elections.

However, he added that party voters would be “disappointed” with the current state of Scotland.

He added: “From a UK Government point of view, we believe that Scotland can and should be certainly the most prosperous part of the UK outside of London and has all the tools to do that.

“The devolution settlement is the most generous devolution settlement of any world system if you look at the German system, the US system whether it’s a federal system or whether it’s a unitary system as we have here.”

Many on social media picked up on the comments with one writing: “Calling it a ‘generous devolution settlement’ shows you think you own Scotland!

“Malcolm Offord could’ve said ‘comprehensive’ or even ‘confederated’. He chose to imply Scottish autonomy is HIS gift to them!

“Tories can never hide their colonial attitudes.”

Another said the comments were a “despicable affront to every Scottish resident and voter” who had “the mindset of a colonial owner”.

The Tory peer was then asked about Lord David Frost, who previously came in for criticism from his own party for suggesting that parts of devolution should be rolled back.

“I don’t know if David Frost has been to Scotland, personally I don’t know if that’s the case”, Offord said.

“I live in Scotland and I know what actually goes on here and we’ve a fantastic opportunity to grow a 21st century Scotland which is prosperous and fair.

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“We have all the tools to do that. The key tools that we need like a strong currency, like a strong Treasury, like free borders, the ability to trade internationally, the strength of being together in one country, we have all of that.

“If the UK Government and Scottish Government work together we can turbo-charge Scotland.”