DEPUTY First Minister Shona Robison has said the trans community should not be punished for the crimes of Andrew Miller.

On Thursday, Miller, also known as Amy George, admitted to abducting a schoolgirl before sexually assaulting her at his home in the Scottish Borders.

The court was told Miller is in the process of transitioning before he pleaded guilty to charges at the High Court in Edinburgh.

He had offered the girl a lift in February but then drove to his own home, locked her in a bedroom and refused to let her leave.

Robison was asked about previous comments she made when she told Holyrood there was “no evidence” that predatory men ever had to “pretend to be anything else to carry out abusive behaviour”.

She told Sky News: “What we’re talking about here is people who have committed very serious crimes.

“Anyone who has committed an offence is an offender and should be treated as such but we should not, because we wouldn’t do this with any other community, take those cases of offenders and imply that somehow that is an issue for the rest of the trans community.”

She added: “Clearly, this is a predatory man who has carried out offending behaviour and should be treated as such.

“What we shouldn’t do is to treat the rest of the trans community in the same light and that would be utterly wrong, we would not do that with any other community.”

Humza Yousaf also confirmed to Sky News that Miller was being held in a male prison. He said: “This is a gut-wrenching case. Heartbreaking, I cannot think of the trauma the victim, the family of the victim, in fact the community are going through.

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“I can confirm of course that Andrew Miller is being held in a male prison but I can’t say which one.”

The First Minister said he was unable to comment any further on an ongoing court case.