THE SNP’s Westminster leader has posted an “inspiring” video on his Twitter about a key piece of his party’s history.

In the video, Stephen Flynn meets a woman called Nancy Duthie, 89, who made rosettes for the party years ago.

She said she had been impressed with the MP for Aberdeen South since he succeeded Ian Blackford.

She told the MP he was asking the “right things” at PMQs, before joking with Flynn that he didn’t look the same as he did on TV.

“I’ve no got my makeup on”, Flynn joked.

Duthie and her husband have been active members of the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy SNP branch since the 1960s.

She used to organise day trips and picnics for the branch, and even went down to the harbour on election days to make sure the fishermen had their proxy vote in before they set off to work.

In the video, Flynn asks her about the story behind the famous black and yellow SNP rosette.

Duthie, who much to the delight of many social media users was speaking in Doric, told the SNP’s Westminster leader: “The rosette started fan Gordon asked ma ti mak a few rosettes in different colours, an tak them to the constituency meeting.

“So that’s what I did and yellow and black was chosen.”

She explained that black represented “the past” and that gold meant “the future”. Flynn asked Duthie if she was the “brains” behind choosing the famous colours but she said it was “just luck” finding two colours that went together.

The pair joked that the rosette suited Flynn. “Just as well”, he said.

Elsewhere, in the video Flynn explained how he was on crutches for much of his life after an accident as a young boy.

Duthie explained she needed assistance breathing as she has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Flynn then proceeded to tell the story of his own disability.

He said: “I’ve got a metal hip. So when I was a young lad, I basically was in school one day and fell over.

“I was on oxygen for a long time because they were giving me oxygen treatment to try and get the blood to flow.

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“I was disabled for 18 years. I was on crutches. It was only two and a half years ago I got my hip chopped out and they put a new one in.

“I ken what it’s like.”

The video was met with a lot of praise on social media with one saying they “absolutely loved” it and another describing it as “heart-warming”.

SNP MSP James Dornan said: “That is fabulous. Really touching to get this reminder of those who came before us. #ShoulderofGiants.”

A fourth person said it was “superb” and described Nancy as an “inspiring lady”. Another Twitter user meanwhile said it was good to see an MP who can “relate to those he represents”.