MHAIRI Black was told off for using a Scots swear word in the House of Commons.

While discussing the cost of living crisis, the MP spoke of the increasing levels of poverty being seen across the UK.

She said that food banks should “not be part of the welfare state but a symbol that the welfare state is failing”.

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The SNP’s deputy leader in Westminster added that the past five Tory prime ministers had blamed the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine for the “havoc” they have caused.

Black continued: “This is a dangerous government making bad decisions on top of a global pandemic but mind you we shouldn’t be surprised given they seem to have been p**hed half the time at parties in No 10.”

Deputy Speaker Rosie Winterton then interjected and told Black: “I should just say to the honourable lady she really must not use language like that. Please don’t. I hope you will apologise.”

Black then replied: “Inebriated, intoxicated, they were paralytic at parties in No 10. Is that alright?”

Winterton told Black she should be “quite careful” before telling her she could continue.

“I don’t see what I said that wasn’t true Madame Deputy Speaker but I take it.”

According to Hansard, this appears to be the first time the word “p**hed” has been used in the Commons.