A PETITION has been launched calling on the leader of the Scottish LibDems to resign after he said that Scotland “can never and should never exist again” during a debate on independence.

We told how Alex Cole-Hamilton compared the Yes movement with the push for Brexit while speaking at an Oxford Union debate.

He said: “We are a people trapped between flags, between politicians who mythologise and pine for ancient nations that can never and should never exist again in the global world in which we find ourselves”.

A petition has since been set up calling on Cole-Hamilton to resign following his comments.

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It now has more than 5000 signatures. 

Alba told The National that the “majority of Scots” would reject the Liberal Democrat politician’s view

Their deputy general secretary Corri Wilson said: “It will be no surprise to any independence supporter that Alex Cole-Hamilton doesn’t support the right of the people of Scotland to determine their own future but the overwhelming majority of Scots will also reject his extraordinary view that Scotland should really not exist as a nation at all.”

Wilson added that Alba’s “positive vision” for the country would result in them “substantially outnumbering the LibDems in the Scottish Parliament after the next Holyrood election”.

A spokesperson for the LibDems meanwhile said: “The nationalist idea of Scotland cut off and going it alone is outdated and economically illiterate.

“In a modern-day, global society, the SNP’s separation agenda would starve us of investment, innovation and opportunity.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats want to see Scotland at the heart of the UK and at the heart of Europe.”

The petition can be found HERE.