KEIR Starmer has been told he must be “bolder” in reforming UK democracy after he suggested a Labour government would give EU nationals the vote.

The Labour leader said he would consider following the example of the Scottish Government and reduce the voting age to 16 as well as giving EU citizens living in Britain the right to vote.

Starmer said it was “common sense” to allow settled migrants the right to vote, telling LBC on Monday: "If someone has been here say 10, 20, 30 years, contributing to this economy, part of our community, they ought to be able to vote.

"You go to doors sometimes in a general election and you’re met with someone who says ‘look, I’m an EU citizen, I’ve been living here 30 years, I’m married to a Brit, my kids were raised and brought up here, they’re now working in the UK … but I can’t vote’.

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“I think that feels wrong and something ought to be done about it.”

The SNP have pointed out the Scottish Government gave foreign nationals and refugees the right to vote in 2020 while Scottish 16 and 17-year-olds have been able to vote in Holyrood and local elections for nearly a decade.

Alyn Smith, the SNP’s EU accession spokesperson, said Starmer’s comments were “welcome” – but said he must go further and commit to scrapping the “out-of-date” First Past The Post voting system in Westminster.

He told The National: “In Scotland, if you’re here you’re one of us. We made the deliberate decision to expand the franchise several years ago because it is only right that if you live here you should have a say in the decisions which affect your daily life.

“If Labour go through with these electoral reforms it is welcome news to see them follow the Scottish Government’s example in expanding voting rights.

“Why stop there though? Starmer should be bolder. The out-of-date farce that is First Past The Post should be scrapped and a proportional representation system put in place, just like in many other mainstream European states.

“Given Labour’s phenomenal record of flip-flopping though, the likelihood of a hung parliament means that only the SNP can protect democratic rights across these islands, as well as bring about the constitutional changes needed to give Scotland the right to choose its own path – whether it be as part of the UK or as an independent country in Europe.”

Starmer has previously rejected calls for Labour to back electoral reform – saying it was “not a priority”.

Some within his party, such as Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and ex-shadow chancellor John McDonnell, have said First Past The Post favours the Conservatives and has helped lock Labour out of power in the past.

Labour were approached for comment.