JAMIE Hepburn was appointed to the role of Minister for Independence about six weeks ago, and has revealed more details of what his job entails in an exclusive interview with The National.

The Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP told the Holyrood Weekly podcast that next Scottish Government white paper arguing the case for independence is set to be published in “the coming weeks”.

Hepburn also responded to Scottish Secretary Alister Jack demanding that no civil servants should be allowed to work under him, with a defiant: "I'm not going anywhere."

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We also spoke to the Minister for Independence about Labour, suggestions of a hung parliament at the General Election, and whether he would want to have an independence referendum campaign right now.

Elsewhere, political reporters Abbi Garton-Crosbie and Steph Brawn take you through the rest of the weeks' news and gossip, from a loud and rowdy FMQs to Labour's strange insistence that they won't repeal two controversial Tory laws - the Public Order Act and the Illegal Migration Bill - plus how electioneering is now in full gear after the English council elections. 

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We also go behind the scenes at Labour's candidate launch in Rutherglen, where the candidate for the expected by-election in Margaret Ferrier's seat, after she was suspended from the House of Commons for breaching Covid-19 guidance during the pandemic, was shielded from the press.

And, will the UK Government sign off on Rosebank soon, an oil and gas field off Shetland which is bigger than Cambo? And will the Scottish Government respond to calls from environmental campaigners to object to the field going into production?

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