JANEY Godley fans are convinced that Dolly Parton gave the Glasgow comedian a shout out in her new single.

Supporters of the 62-year-old Scots comic feel certain that she is referenced in the country music star's new hit "World on Fire".

It comes as lyrics include "Janey got a sign to carry in the fight", which followers thought hinted at Godley’s sign which welcomed President Trump to Scotland in 2018.

She was one of the protesters who gathered at the American politician's golf course and held a poster saying, “Trump is a C***”.

Now fans think Dolly Parton has reminded fans of the message in her new song which is about the world going up in flames.

The track will be the opener of her first ever rock album and also feature lyrics which say “Billy got a gun, Joey got a knife, Janey got a sign to carry in the fight. Marchin' in the streets with sticks and stones, don't you ever believe words don't break bones.”

Fans were quick to tell Godley on social media about the song and shared their thoughts on the alleged link.

They told the comedian her “legend status is now official” after listening to “the cracking song”.

Dr June said: “‘Janey’s got a sign to carry in the fight’ it sounds like she means you.”

Rebecca Mallick said: “This is amazing!!”

Maureen Brodie said: “Could we love Dolly even more? What a song!! And it even refers to Janey.”

Angie Walton said: “1.53 [she says] Janey. It has to be you.”

JoJo Smith said: “Sounds like she means you. It’s a cracking tune.”

Katty Green said: “Janey's got a sign and we all know what it says now.”

Crossing Family said: “JANEY!! Your legend status is now official.”