DOUGLAS Ross has received a shout out from his favourite girl group ahead of their performance at a music festival in his constituency.

The Scottish Tory leader has previously spoken of his love for Atomic Kitten’s 2000 hit Whole Again – even admitting he had made up his own dance moves to go along with the song.

In a video promoting the band’s appearance at next year’s MacMoray festival, in Ross’s Westminster constituency, singer Natasha Hamilton said: “Hi Douglas, it’s Natasha from Atomic Kitten here.

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"Now I don’t think we can make you ‘whole again’ but we will certainly try. We love you MacMoray!”

The video then goes on to promote other acts appearing while a cartoon shows Ross in his linesman get up being sucked up and tossed away by a tornado.

Ross reacted to the news on social media, writing: "Best. Day. Ever.

"Dreams do come true. This has made me Whole Again."

In a statement, Ross added: “It feels like all my birthdays and Christmases have come at once.

“I never tire of saying how great Moray is and it's clear that Atomic Kitten agree by confirming they're heading here next year. 

“On a serious note, MacMoray has been a great event attracting many big names and I'm delighted that Atomic Kitten will join the list of headline artists.  

“Whole Again is my guilty pleasure and go-to karaoke song so I'm looking forward to hearing the professionals sing it live in Elgin at an event that brings lots of enjoyment to the area and is a big boost to the local economy.”

Speaking to STV in 2021, Ross said: “Well, I’ve made it very clear I am a big fan of Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again.

"Not only can I sing the lyrics without the computer screen and I don’t need the words to it - I’ve made up my own actions to it and it just makes the whole performance.

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Egged on by STV News’ political editor Colin Mackay, Ross then effortlessly rhymes off the song’s first verse, finishing: “But Colin, you can make me whole again.”

The single was the band’s last with Kerry Katona and peaked at number one in the UK singles chart in 2001, when Ross was around 18.