FURIOUS Conservative MPs have threatened to oust Rishi Sunak as PM following his “betrayal” over plans to scrap thousands of pieces of EU legislation.

Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch confirmed this week confirmed that there would be no bonfire of 4000 pieces of EU law – and instead around 600 would be revoked instead.

The decision has prompted anger among Brexiteer Tories who see the decision as a “massive climbdown”.

Badenoch insisted it was she, and not Rishi Sunak, who had made the call – but Tory MPs told the Express that the “buck stops with him”.

The National: Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch (PA)

Now, the paper reports, they are mulling over submitting votes of no confidence.

"It was utterly arrogant. [Badenoch] will never have my support in a future leadership election,” one MP said.

They went on: "There is no way this could not have happened without the blessing of the Prime Minister.

"Really this is so bad that we are now in no confidence vote territory."

The keen Brexiteer said sending letters to the 1922 Committee was now a “possibility”.

Despite this, a senior figure in the European Research Group – which was central in ousting Theresa May from office over Brexit – said: “Colleagues need to stay calm. We are not at the letters stage yet even though I understand why there is a lot of anger."

Elsewhere, senior Brexit-backing Tories questions Badenoch about the decision to water down the plans, with Jacob Rees-Mogg and Dominic Raab among those suggesting “civil service idleness” was to blame.

Former minister Mark Francois insisted there had been a majority of Tory support for the bill in the Commons.

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He added: “Why, then, when it’s gone to the House of Lords has the Government performed a massive climbdown on its own Bill despite having such strong support from its own back benches? Secretary of State, what on earth are you playing at?”

Badenoch replied: “He should know that I am not somebody who gets pushed around lightly. The fact is I went in and looked at the detail and I decided this was the best way to deliver it.”

“This was not, and I will stress again, this was not the Prime Minister’s decision,” she added. “As a Secretary of State I have to be responsible and look at what we can make sure is deliverable.

“This is the best way to get him what he wants.”

Badenoch hit back at her critics, suggesting some Tory Brexiteers were unable to even cite the legislation they wanted culling.