THE agenda for Alba’s conference has been unveiled covering topics from an independence convention, the party’s General Election strategy and cancel culture.

The convention, held at the Eden Court in Inverness tomorrow, will discuss at least 11 topics, according to the draft agenda.

First on the list is a motion on the route to independence. The party’s national executive committee will move the motion, which calls for the creation of an “independence convention”.

It also criticises the SNP and Greens for their alleged lack of “urgency” in pushing the case for independence, claiming the case for independence had stalled in 2014.

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In a separate motion, Alba members call on the party leadership to hash out a strategy for the next General Election within the next three months with the final decision being made “after discussion with the wider party”.

A motion for debate put forward by Alba’s youth wing condemning cancel culture as a “threat to democracy” and calling on all party members to “lead by example” in tolerating others’ opinions and engaging in “open and respectful dialogue”.

A substantial motion on “energy theft” will also be discussed – calling for energy to be “cheap or ideally free in Scotland” – and also calls for an end to “unfair transmission charges” which the motion says “discourage our renewable energy generators to invest and grow”.

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Other topics up for discussion include controversial plans for Highly Protected Marine Areas, the retention of trial by jury in cases of serious sexual offences, the “crisis” in mental health care services, and proposals for a “Highlands and Islands Road Infrastructure Plan” to bring rural roads “up to a 21st-century standard”.

Alba’s deputy leader Kenny McAskill said: “Over the past year Alba Party have now held over 50 pro-independence public meetings across the length and breadth of Scotland.

The National: Kenny MacAskill, MP for East Lothian

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“Alba have been connecting to the people of Scotland with many of our policies: From our support for the future of Scotland’s North Sea energy sector; our calls to have road-dualling projects completed; our campaign for free school meals for Scotland’s school children and importantly the urgency that we are campaigning for Scotland’s independence as an immediate priority. 

“Support for independence remains very high and Alba Party will now play our part in ensuring the people of Scotland have the choice to take Scotland’s future back into Scotland’s hands.”